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Alienware 14













  • High Performance
  • That "Alienware" design and performance
  • The keyboard, very comfortable


  • Thickness bigger than 4 centimeters
  • Too Expensive!

While laptops are still betting on looking for as much lightness as possible, there is still a category in which the opposite occurs. Alienware 14 is a clear example of this, being a laptop that does not disguise the enormous thickness of just over 4 centimeters, associated with a weight of 2.7 kilograms. These large dimensions allow your hardware to be really powerful and, as we expected, Alienware 14 has behaved in a very positive way in video games. A great performance and an out-of-the-ordinary design for a high-priced laptop, although not exaggerated considering what it can offer us.

Alienware 14, technical characteristics


Before getting into work we will comment, as always, the detailed technical characteristics of the unit tested:

Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU, 4 cores (8 threads) at 2.40 GHz. (Turbo up to 3.40), 47 Watt TDP
Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 GPU, Dedicated GPU NVidia GeForce GTX 765M 2 GB GDDR5
Memory RAM 16 GB DDR3L to 1,600 MHz.
MSATA SSD for main storage, 256 GB manufactured by LiteON
HDD for secondary storage, 750 GB manufactured by Western Digital
WLED screen of 14 inches, 1920×1080 pixels resolution.
HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs, three USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet
Dimensions: 4.01-4.17×25.83×33.50 centimeters, 2,774 kilograms of weight


Alienware’s design is impressive


Overall performance


After using it for several weeks I can assure you that Alienware 14 is a really powerful laptop. The equipment that we have tested is the most advanced version with Core i7, graphics GTX 765M, 16 GB of RAM and SSD (256 GB) and HDD, which has a starting price of more than 2,000 euros.

Beyond what the hardware can offer us, I especially liked the keyboard: it is full size and very comfortable, maybe not as much as a dedicated desktop keyboard but I can assure you that it is among the most comfortable laptop I have ever tried. The backlighting is very slight, but as always it is something that is appreciated in low light environments.

Precisely the lighting is one of the most striking features, and something that has always been a protagonist in Alienware equipment. Both the color of the keyboard and the trackpad lighting and the exterior lights can be modified by a couple of clicks through the specific software proposed by Alienware, pre-installed on the computer. We can choose from a wide variety of colors of the most disparate, and this is without a doubt one of those things that many users like. Generally, someone who buys an Alienware does so much for its enormous potential as for its design.

The autonomy of the battery is not reduced, but neither is it high. Between 3 and 4 hours of normal use (browser + WiFi, normal brightness), and around 1 hour in game. Obviously, it is a laptop that if you want to get the most out should be connected to the power.

Another aspect to consider is refrigeration. Such a small and powerful equipment requires additional cooling systems, and these are found at the bottom. Alienware 14 includes multiple holes for the air outlet, some on the sides and a wide grid under the equipment for it to transpire. The result is very good in a conventional use (barely a slight background noise is heard) and good when we are playing, for example, with the equipment to the maximum of its performance: the entire ventilation system is put into operation and the noise is high, annoying though inferior to other gamer cutting computers.

Finally, it is necessary to talk about the dimensions of Alienware 14. It is a team of small diagonal (14 inches) and, therefore, is not excessively large: officially about 26×33 centimeters, approximately. The bad thing is its thickness, more than 4 centimeters needed to house the powerful hardware and cooling system. The 2.7 kilograms of weight can also seem very high compared to other equipment much lighter (there are many models between 1 and 1.5 kilograms), but they are not excessive if we consider that not many years ago this was the weight usual of a laptop.

Despite the remarkable thickness and high weight, it is not a difficult laptop to transport. Its 14 inches are ideal to put in a backpack and, certainly, between 2 and 3 kilograms will not notice difference if we carry it on the back or in a shoulder bag.

Fully customizable led colors

Those who buy an Alienware laptop know what they are going to find: a team designed almost exclusively for the gamer world, with a high weight but with a performance at the height of the highest ranges. The Alienware 14 that we have tried is small but powerful, beautiful (in my opinion, we already know that this is something personal) and something expensive: more than 2,000 euros. Fortunately there are lower models that start at about 1,100 euros and, although they have lower characteristics (Core i5, 8 GB RAM, GT 650M graphics, lower resolution, etc.), they still use a very interesting and balanced hardware. One of the features that has the greatest impact on the Alienware 14 – and in general on any current computer – is the SSD, which allows a start of a few seconds and a much more fluid operating system experience. An optional feature with a high cost (for 300 euros add a SSD + HDD combo of 256 + 750 GB instead of a single 750 GB HDD), but completely recommended whenever one can afford it.

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