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The First Person Shooter, one of the most popular genres within the videogame industry, has experienced two great epochs: the one of skinny cows and the one of very fat cows. Many have been the titles that have paraded on the catwalk of this genre, including the odd negrito in rice; the examples are clear: there is the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a title that many would like to forget, or, the great proposal of my compis of DICE and EA, Battlefield 1.

In 2016 the game of both companies surprised us all, not only because of its theme – the first world war – but because of its excellent game dynamics, its emotional war stories and its frenetic multiplayer. As always, I will be honest with you, even though there was a lot of carnitas in the form of DLC in this taco, I was really looking forward to more.

Personally, what was shown by DICE in the new title revelation trailer, I really liked it, however, a lot of fans were very disagree with the study. The reason, the study decided to include women and even prosthetics in the new game of the franchise. I take the opportunity that has been given here to tell you that I really like the inclusion in video games and that I will always support the variety in the design of characters, this of course if it does not affect the gameplay.

After some delays and to give an official position on the inclusion, finally the study revealed the official date of launching of Battlefield V, but not only that, also it said that the game would not have content of pay, that all the DLC would be free and that in addition to the campaign and the multiplayer would also include a battle royale mode but, is it that a combo like this will satisfy the hordes of fans? I’ll tell you here, in our review of Battlefield V.


Battlefield V includes a campaign mode called War Stories, in which DICE repeats the formula of the previous installment and transports us to four different moments of the conflict on different fronts: Under no flag, a story unfolding in North Africa of 1942 and in which we will control one of the first soldiers who were part of the special forces of the United Kingdom; Nordlys, a mother-daughter story that takes place in occupied Norway in 1943; and Tirailleur, a little-known story about the African soldiers of the French colonies who fought to liberate France and that developed in Provence in 1944, towards the end of the war.

There is an additional chapter called The Last Tiger, in which we will take control of a German commander and his Tiger tank. The latter is not yet available and, according to my DICE carnales, it will be soon after the launch of the game, next November 20.

How good are they? The narrative of the three available stories is good and I’m sure it will make you investigate more of the themes they present, but in structure they are very similar: in all three chapters there is a part of stealth, a part in which you have to destroy or capture three points and one last battle that will test your ability with control, transforming the single player section into a repetitive experience.
Yes, the freedom to complete the objectives of each of the campaigns is quite comfortable, giving the player the opportunity to reach them as he likes. You can use the elements of your environment to be successful and in the time you want, which by the way, speaking of times, finishing the three available episodes will take you about six hours, depending on which difficulty you choose.

Now, in the campaign there are different enemy classes: there are the doctors who revive their comrades, the support soldiers who bring heavy weapons, the assault soldiers who bring more common weapons, reconnaissance soldiers armed with sniper rifles and finally the commanders and soldiers with flamethrowers who are more resistant. Artificial intelligence offers a good challenge for players in the highest difficulties, even if you play at medium level you can face a lot of enemies.

After finishing all three episodes I had a feeling of emptiness. Yes, they are quite interesting and even emotional, but the most striking chapter – because of Satan, they give you the opportunity to control a Tiger tank, what else can you ask for? – it is not available, which gives a feeling of being playing an incomplete campaign. Definitely the war stories of BV are not as endearing as those of his predecessor.

Creating Rivers of Blood

The gameplay of Battlefield V is very similar to that of the last delivery and that of any FPS in general: you shoot with the right trigger, you aim with the left one, you move with the left stick and you jump with one of the buttons of the control -depending on on what platform you play it. On the other hand if you use the control pad you can access different combat tools such as a panzerschreck, stick dynamite or a grenade launcher, depending on which class you select in the multiplayer or what weapons you collect in the campaign.

Of course, there are some changes in BV that make it a good FPS. To begin with, the ballistics trajectory has been modified, which gives you greater accuracy in the shots as well as an arcade feeling that will make you spend several hours of fun. On the other hand, in the multiplayer mode has been added a system of fortifications that allows you to place barbed wire, sandbags, bridges and even the famous Czech hedgehog, which stimulates the creation of different strategies when entering combat. I assure you that these changes will give you much more fun games, as long as you are well connected with your company, but we will get there.

Finally there is the handling of the vehicles, which has some difficulties when handling the camera in the terrestrial battleships, while in the air combat the confrontations feel very funny thanks to a system of classic commands with the inverted axis. The premise is still there and it does not stop working.

Each of these offers a lot of action along eight large maps: Steel Field, Arras, Hamada, Rotterdam, Narvik, Aerodrome, Devastation and FJELL 652; however, unlike the maps of B1, the playing fields of the new franchise release feel stiff and even compact, which gives you a sense of restriction when making your game strategy.

While writing this review there are two sections that will be unlocked until the beginning of December: War Crossing and Practice Field, so maybe you can come back here once we have thoroughly seen its contents.

Within the game you can select which server you want to connect to and it includes a filter so you can find the game mode that you like, but you will quickly realize that the most popular game mode is conquest, maybe this will change when BV is available. for all.

When you enter in combat the most important thing is your company, which is assigned automatically to speed up the loading of each of the games, each of these groups of soldiers must be well balanced and in harmony to meet the objectives of the departure. For this you can choose between four types of classes: assault, support, doctor and explorer, each of these classes has archetypes that you can modify when you customize your character, opening the door to a variety of combinations that can convert your company in the most lethal of the battlefield.

The problem of playing in a team is still the same of all the FPS that have this modality: the band does not know how to play as a team. During the time I was playing, several times I was killed by flanks in which I swore was my company or I bled to death because neither my friends nor a doctor of my team had the courtesy to get up. I highly recommend that if you are going to enter BV you do it with three friends, because otherwise you will feel tremendous frustration.

Hey, Charles, but how do I unlock new archetypes? Very easy my dear reader, playing. When DICE said goodbye to the contents of pay, he really said it, the only thing you have to do to acquire that leather stock or that telescopic sight that you liked so much, is to play more with the weapon and the class that you want to modify -busy because you can also modify your vehicles. The more you do more aesthetic objects and weapons you can use. A great incentive to keep players glued to BV. The combinations depend entirely on you and that so many special missions and daily orders you fulfill.

As for the online mode it turns out to be a little porous because, yes, I had some problems finding a game after a match, so I had to restart the game on more than one occasion. Additionally, the waiting time to find a game in 64-player modes can take about one minute.

About the Graphics

One of the most gleaming elements of the Battlefield franchise is the graphic. For a couple of titles, the audiovisual quality of DICE games has become a delight for players, and no wonder, the horsepower of Frostbite have shown what they can do and what they can improve.

Battlefield V repeats once again all the above: it has a good mix of sound and impressive visuals that will make you feel that you are on the battlefield, due to the care in details such as explosions, destruction of buildings – which is much more dynamic than before- and the dynamics of light and shadow.

I was testing the game on a standard Xbox One and noticed several textures that were slow to load and elements that popped into the map, as well as some bugs that resulted in impossible walks and very strange postures. There are even some kinematics that are perceived as of low quality.

This happened in the version I tried at the EA offices in San Francisco, so I was very surprised to see how the visual quality got dirty with these details. I hope that with an update everything is solved without major problem.

As in almost all FPS, the recommendation here is to play Battlefield V with a good sound system or a well spent headphone so you can really enjoy it

Final Words

Battlefield V is a good FPS that invites to review everything related to the Second World War. The slight changes in their game dynamics make it much more fun than before, however, the design of their maps and even their characters is less bright than in their previous delivery.

Including a campaign mode is something that many of us greatly appreciate, but it feels repetitive and, although its narrative is good, I do not think it stays in the hearts of the players.

Although in general its sound and visuals are impressive, it has some scratches in its programming that take part of its brightness to one of the most striking sections of the game.

On the other hand, I am very happy that EA has listened to the players and eliminated their diabolical business model; Also, I feel a little frustrated that I could not prove the whole game. The lack of one of the stories of war, the famous battle royale mode – which will be called Fire Storm – and War Crossing, is unsatisfactory. What’s more, I would have preferred to be delayed one more time but to be given the full experience.

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