Borderlands 2 VR – REVIEW

Borderlands 2 VR











  • Its gameplay is still quite engaging after so long
  • Characters with lots of charisma, enemies included
  • The introduction of CAM Time is appreciated
  • To be able to move freely or through teleports: to the taste of the player


  • Technically it's pretty lazy
  • The absence of multiplayer and DLC content makes you lose points
  • It is not compatible with the PS Aim Controller, something incomprehensible


The second part of one of the best sagas of subjective shooters makes the leap to virtual reality. PlayStation VR receives Borderlands 2 VR, a video game whose analysis you can consult below.

For many users, Borderlands is much more than a mere shooter in the first person … and with all the reason in the world. Far from being one more title, this saga of Gearbox Software has always stood out for presenting an overwhelming personality and a game system that, in its day, supposed an authentic revolution for many reasons.

More specifically, the second part of this franchise, Borderlands 2, is considered the best of all for a large number of users. A video game that has just reappeared in VR format with the adaptation that the original developers have recreated exclusively for PlayStation VR. And how is this Borderlands 2 VR? Well … regular, at least in my opinion, given that although the base is still really interesting and the gameplay has aged well, I think the move to VR has also damaged the original concept.

Given that we are facing, basically, the same game that we enjoyed so much in the last generation of consoles and PC (analysis of Borderlands 2), I do not think it is necessary to delve too deeply into the elements that this production holds. Simply and by going over its general characteristics and plot, the action takes us to a fantastic world called Pandora. A place where chaos and restlessness reign, but also a multitude of weapons to try and very succulent booties to take to our pockets.

In fact, the main scheme that presents this adventure in the first person is based on killing everything that appears on the screen, progressively improve the statistics of our character as well as equipping him with better weapons and move on to the next mission on duty. A very simple approach but, believe me, really engaging, something that will witness the millions of users who have approached this franchise during the last years (which reminds me, what about Borderlands 3?).

Borderlands, Chaos in Pandora

One of the main pillars that supported the original title was its excellent cooperative mode for four players. A modality that, I fear, has not been contemplated in this version for PlayStation VR. Obviously, it remains a perfectly playable title (and even enjoyable) in its single-player side, but for those of us who have tried this cooperative option, this cut makes you lose several integers. And the same happens with the DLC content, which instead of having been compiled and included in this version as usually happens in this type of reissues, developers have forgotten it fully.

As for its playability, Borderlands 2 VR is exactly the same that appeared more than five years ago, without major changes, although I must point out the introduction of the so-called Time CAM. This new feature allows us to slow down the time for a few moments, thus being able to point more calmly and accurately to the adversaries, dodging the shots that come towards us, etc. An innovation that is appreciated and that fits well with the overall layout of the game.

What does not fit so well is what is related to the control system and the handling in general. So, from the beginning forgetting PS Aim Controller because it is not compatible, something that has surprised me a lot because, honestly, I think that this title would be perfect to squeeze its qualities. On the other hand, both the Move and DualShock 4 commands are compatible … although the first option is almost testimonial. And because? Well because it is really frustrating to control our character with such peripherals, that simple, so the best option is to do it with the traditional command.

The game allows us to customize the controls to extreme limits, which is greatly appreciated. Activating and deactivating the jump, smoothing the transitions of movements or moving freely or through teleports are some of the possibilities that it offers us. And all of them are looking for the same goal: make us as little as possible while exploring Pandora. In my case, I recognize that free movement makes me quite dizzy by itself, so you can imagine how unpleasant I have found the fighting of this title, which can provide really frantic battles.

If we choose to play with teleports, things improve a lot in this sense, but in return everything becomes more chaotic and much less fluid. Obviously, the sensitivity to dizziness is very variable from one user to another, but I warn you that Borderlands 2 VR is one of those that can cause nausea due to its own idiosyncrasies, something that the developers themselves recognize, recommending not to play more than 15 minutes followed without taking breaks.

Despite the time elapsed since its original release, the gameplay that has this adventure is still magnificent, that is unquestionable. And that’s why Borderlands 2 VR is an interesting adventure. What happens is that compared to the original title, the fact of having lost the cooperative, the dizziness problems and other inconveniences that can cause the most sensitive users more everything related to the management make you lose points … this adds everything related to the graphic section.



The original game never stood out for presenting an exceptional graphic finish, that’s a fact. Fortunately, his interesting aesthetic line of cel-shading style and the great atmosphere partially remedied the limitations of his graphic engine … but unfortunately in this case these qualities are not enough to fix his irregular technical aspect.

From the outset, we are faced with a game that has more than five years behind him, and that is noticeable. But in addition, in its jump to the VR that facet has worsened, showing some poor textures, a questionable sharpness and a rate of pictures per second little consistent. It’s not that it’s a horrible title graphically, it’s not that either, but it’s certainly not one of the most eye-catching games ever released for PlayStation VR. The sound is another to sing, thank goodness, and both the soundtrack and the effects and the excellent dubbing in Spanish achieve very remarkable quality levels.

Final Words

Despite the great global quality that was gathered in the original title in all its facets, this version of Borderlands 2 for PlayStation VR has failed to agglutinate the qualities embodied in this original work. Without being a bad game at all, it is clearly a game that pales compared to the original, the latter being much more recommendable.


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