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  • Some of the best additions come to alleviate absences of recent years
  • A facelift was needed on the menus and the new look is welcome
  • Whether you like it or not, football is still one of the most addictive proposals of the moment
  • Despite the increased complexity, the tutorials are better and more complete than ever


  • The engine for 3D matches still looks antediluvian
  • In the long term, the IA continues to show irregularities in its signings and sales

Something funny happens with the Football Manager saga and that, for me, exemplifies perfectly how is this sport that we love so much. I do not want to generalize, but there is a good part of the people who like football who are interested in programs like El Chiringuito or Deportes de La Sexta and the only 90 minutes of football that they watch a year are those of Real Madrid-F.C. Barcelona. Although, it is neither better nor worse amateur than others, yes that I identify it with a more distracted and almost circus vision of football. On the other hand, there is another profile that is more interested in programs such as the Club of Áxel Torres, who listens to the podcasts of MarcadorINT or who is a subscriber of Panenka magazine, and who has no problem watching games of unknown teams if he thinks with them learn something.

Where do you think the user who purchases the Sports Interactive games is positioned? The broader and deeper approach guaranteed by Football Manager 2019 strips away a whole layer of players looking for more immediate and direct experiences. With this I am not saying that the player of FIFA 19 and PES 2019 is a brainless, I myself am very fond of both brands and I am not a brainless for it (yes I am for many other things), but I do feel a certain sadness when I see the comments of the Gameplay review FM 2019 that I made a few days ago and that was loaded with messages like “how boring”, “vote positive if you have not finished the video” or “how strong that someone likes this”. It may be that these fans are more followers of Josep Pedrerol than Leo Messi or Luka Modric and, of course and for sure, for them it is not designed an experience as powerful and complex as we have in hand.

Dedicate time to Football Manager 2019 and you will discover a great fatigue partner. One who is demanding in terms of hours and knowledge, but who returns with joy and challenges every minute we dedicate. A title that endorses the motto of the series Civilization in terms of “just one more turn” to steal us hours of sleep, and that leads to the phenomenon of football games. Of course, all this requires effort, and that’s what this video game is about.


One Match

Generally, the sagas of annual character treat on sums of contents, nevertheless occasionally there are also subtractions that bother very much to the fans. In the constant effort of Sports Interactive to be fairly accessible (always within the limits of that expression in a game as complex as this one), in recent times lost some elements that the community has been missing. On the one hand, the famous “slides” in the tactical part, which seems to me that in recent times has been a duly assimilated disappearance when replaced by a better and more natural and accessible mechanics. On the other hand, he also disliked the elimination of the complex training routines of the past, which were changed by something much more basic. How has the thing been in this season? We have recovered much ground in both facets, and in some cases we have even won.

Precisely the issue of training had been a workhorse for some years. The replacement of what had been a deep mechanic and with a lot of control as it was in the past by that weekly style of routines that we could divide between such basic and general concepts as Offensive, Defensive, Balloon Control, etc. … it did not seem, far from it, the right thing for a work with ambitious pretensions of density and level of detail as this one. This year we welcome a system that, as it has been traditional, allows us to get involved as much or as little as we wish. At the beginning, as in almost all facets of the program, we are asked if we want to take care of ourselves or leave it in the hands of any employee that we create more prepared. If we take control we have before us a sophisticated system to get the most out of our men. How does it work? I tell you.

There are still weekly programs, but now with a welcome increase in the level of control of everything we can do and a very clear way of representing how this translates into elements such as improving fitness, the risk of injury and several more patterns However, the strong point is the fact that we can also set the individual spaces between the three sessions we do every day. There are up to ten disciplines that we can introduce in each slot, and within them many options: for example, only in the range of the stopped ball there are fouls in attack, corners in attack, defense of fouls, defense of corners, penalties and set pieces. An absolutely obscene level of control that is exactly what the fan of this brand expects. It will not be the same to prepare a Copa del Rey match against a Second B than a Champions League tie, right? Well, the game wants you to feel that, taking into account, at last, the time lost in displacements and so on.

Tactical Disposition

Our ability to manage tactics has also progressed. The sliding bars do not return, fortunately since I cannot think of anything less appropriate to represent a strategy than that; but there are welcome changes. Face washing is total, but that should not discourage or overwhelm us in the first instance. In the British team are real specialists when interweaving menus of enormous complexity and turn them into fairly accessible schemes, and that of the disposition of the eleven is no exception.

There are new mentalities, Cautious and Positive, which replace others with very clear explanations. The most important thing, however, is something that the community has been demanding for a long time, the introduction of different models depending on the circumstances. Thus, for example, we have the possibility to define how we want to act when we have the ball, when we do not have it or when we are in an offensive or defensive transition. Elements that when you begin to define will make you wonder how you could have lived without them. At the end of the day, there are three well-differentiated tabs where new options are shared, but also others already known in the past to shape our team. The good thing is that even some of the repeaters have small changes such as, for example, the layout of the lanes. An option that in the past forced us to bend inside or outside with both, and that now gives us the option of defining which side doubles each side individually.

Guardianship also observes changes. We used to talk about a very direct proposal, we simply put a young soccer player under the shelter of a more veteran with the intention that the first one learned from him some favorite moves or improved in mental aspects such as determination, leadership or the ability to sacrifice, for example. It was very simple, and in just two clicks we could obtain good results and significantly improve “our kids”. Here the thing has gone a step further in the face of making our men progress and, likewise, make them learn new positions.

In fact, in the area of training we have the tab of Learning, where we can create large groups in which some players learn from others. There is no limit to the players that you can put in each group, nothing prevents you from making one with the entire template, but the ideal is to group them with a head. Refine in demarcations of more or less similar positions, and always fix the presence of influential players and team leaders with young people from more discrete social groups. The results will be as good as with the previous system if we do it more well, but they will be more logical and force us to take more account into account, as the case may be, the creation of influence groups to take advantage of the more social of the game and, likewise, the fact that for certain tutelage will require that juveniles train with the first template, for example.

Changes more than Aesthetic

The great elements that have been introduced this year are those previously described, but there are also some modifications in the general aspect of the video game that go beyond being purely cosmetic. All facets of the program require a lot of effort on the part of the player, but Football Manager 2019 has a renewed effort to try to make everyone feel at home because they have little experience.

This saga has always had a problem with the tutorials, something totally logical considering the amount of information you have to provide for the less veteran user. As always, the game allows us to define the level of help that it will offer based on our experience with the brand, however they have introduced very organic and very clear “teachers” that overlap at the top of the screen showing us all the steps Step. That, together with the fact that the interfaces have been redesigned for comfort, make the game as clear and easily understandable as ever. All a joy for those who have felt attracted by the IP and has not dared to approach it.

What in the past has pushed a lot back, and will continue to do so, is all that has to do with the party itself in terms of its three-dimensional representation. Every year the British study led by Miles Jacobson promises great efforts in this area, and I will not doubt that they do, in fact there is a huge advance compared to what was seen in previous years. However, the result is still unbecoming of a 2018 release. Everything surrounding the 90 minutes is fantastic and highlights the effort to improve more and more related to the “matchday” and the curious debut of the VAR that does not happens to be a nice detail, however when the ball starts to roll sensations are still poor. It is not only that the game is unusually rustic visually, but also that the artificial intelligence of our men and also of the opponents continues to have a more than questionable performance on the pitch.

After all, the problem is still serious but it is more or less ignorable. On the one hand, because many fans have been using the best way, the comments or even the rendering of matches in 2D and, on the other, because after all the strong point of the game is not only about green but also It has to do with what is around you. Nonetheless, the game would do well to be a little subtle in its way of presenting its 3D graphics. I want to say that, from a distance and with a camera at a good distance, the games could happen, but their determination to give importance to the 3D avatar of the player with the result so bad that holds is totally incomprehensible. For example, I do not understand that knowing that the representation of the coach is so aesthetically poor is the first thing you see right after starting the game. It is a silly detail, yes, but it is also the letter of presentation of the program.

There are also other long-term things that remain unresolved, and this does seem to me to go beyond the anecdotal. For example, the totally short-term tendency of the signings and sales of the big teams. I’m not saying that it does not happen that a club of enormous entity sell its young players to sign other veterans of immediate performance, without going any further has made Juventus this year with sales like those of Caldara and purchases like those of Cristiano Ronaldo or Bonucci. However, in Football Manager 2019 all the big teams end up selling their best young footballers who will break out in just a couple of years and staying with the old ones although their performance is very discreet and their salaries scandalous. This makes the task much easier for fans who like to pick up the players discarded by the big boys here and there and build a squad that, in just five or six years, is the best in the world without too many problems.

Finally, sports video games always face a litmus test in licensing issues, one of the points where blockbusters are separated from the most modest budget releases. This time Sports Interactive has introduced the Bundesliga, with a total agreement for the first and second German divisions that includes teams, uniforms and faces. Otherwise? The game is rather discrete in this section although, as the veteran will already know, the thing has easy solution since there is a huge and dedicated community that carries out phenomenal works in terms of faces, uniforms, shields, stadiums and nomenclatures of the teams. Creating even divisions that do not exist in the title and adjusting elements of the game in a community of mods as rich as it presages any computer release with some opening for it.

Final Words

Football Manager 2019 disembarks in the market with the healthy intention of not losing an iota of depth and, at the same time, to welcome many new fans. Things that have been demanded by the veterans have been improved, such as training or tactical depth, and although there is still work to do in other plots, the result is again fantastic.

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