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I have tried the Microwave Oven LG Smart Inverter and this is what I liked the most

Each family is a world but there is something that does not change: the kitchen is essential for the home and in all there is a series of appliances that never fail. It’s funny how the microwave has gained a place at home in a few years, but it seems that we did not finish taking advantage of it. Why do we only use to heat the milk?

The technology advances at great speed to make life easier, and thus presents the new Microwave Oven LG Smart Inverter. With its exclusive technology, this new appliance is much more than a regular microphone; in fact, its goal is to revolutionize our kitchen, not only providing greater speed but also improving its functionalities. This little great device does not promise to do everything but after a week of usage, you will be able to tell if it can.

Attractive, modern and practical design


Before putting it into operation, it is inevitable that we look first at its appearance, characteristics and specifications. When we think about microwaves, I’m sure we all imagine a series of very similar devices, with a more or less variable size, but that follow a very marked aesthetic line, something repetitive and, being sincere, quite boring. Nowadays, we are very concerned about the design of all the home appliances and there are very attractive proposals, but it seems that the microwave market has fallen behind in this field.

That’s why the LG Smart Inverter Microwave draws so much attention from the first glance. It offers a much more modern design in line with current trends, banishing white to present a dark metallic appeal, with the front in glossy black and the body in matt. All in straight lines with a very flat and minimalist finish, and a touch control knob perfectly integrated into the elegant set.


The size also stands out, since it exceeds the dimensions of a low-end current microwave because it will replace our conventional oven being a 4 in 1 device, but I have to admit that it is not as bulky as I was afraid. This is a device with which we are going to cook everything, so you have to have enough space to comfortably handle all kinds of food and dishes. The LG Smart Inverter takes full advantage of its dimensions with a large interior capacity that fits up to a whole family chicken, with the largest turntable I’ve seen and a very manageable weight.

We must emphasize the turntable because, in addition to its large size, I liked its stability. The ring on which it rests is hexagonal, turning on six wheels, so it has more points of support and is much more stable. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been overturned or dislodged more than once by the microwave dish because it did not completely center the containers, and then it was annoying to get it right.

And that is another advantage of this device: once out of its box and free of packaging, it is practically ready to use, without complicated assemblies. Just plug it in, adjust the time and start it by heating a little water to check that it works correctly. Easy, simple and very intuitive, with the curious touch of the nice sounds that follow each function.

LG Smart Inverter Technology, what is it?


The first question posed by this microwave oven is clear: what exactly is that of LG Smart Inverter technology? What is special about it? It is the great claim of this microwave oven and with which we want to highlight the entire range compared to other conventional appliances. Behind the name is the exclusive technology of the brand with which they promise us to be able to cook almost any dish that we want in a uniform way, with much more power and in less time.

Have you ever tried to cook with your microwave? Whether they grill or not, they just warm up, and they do it very irregularly. It is very typical to go to heat or cook something and that the outside is cooked and burning while the interior remains cold or medium crude, forcing us to remove and play with several cycles in which it is difficult to find the right power. In the end, with a running microwave, the food only heats up and cooks.

The LG Smart Inverter microwave oven uses its unique technology to apply a direct current that avoids these temperature peaks. In this way, the power fluctuates and we can adjust it with precision to adjust it to each dish and each ingredient. And what are the advantages? A real cooking, much more uniform and gradual, which maintains the flavor and nutrients, since there is no overheating.

To understand us, it cooks like a conventional oven but it does so much more immediately, it is faster and, therefore, more comfortable and easier to use. But does it do it with the same results as a furnace? Well, I can affirm that yes, it does, and it is something that has surprised me a lot since I started using it. I did not expect to get the same finish on my plates as when I had cooked in the oven all my life, or even with the iron or steam, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The microwave oven that does it all


It always seemed a pity to have at home a device like the microwave only to reheat prepared dishes or to warm milk and water for infusions, but my attempts to cook with him were always discouraging. It was easy to spend time, overcooking and spoiling the ingredients, and I never liked the taste or the texture. And that’s not to mention the thawed, impossible to regulate well, leaving the cooked food on one side and raw on the other.

The LG Smart Inverter microwave oven allows you to do it all because it combines a multitude of functions in a single device. Thanks to this uninterrupted power flow, it allows you to thaw, heat and cook much faster, stronger and evenly, respecting the taste, nutrients and texture of all foods. At last we can cook authentically, not just by heating. And it incorporates a multitude of functions with automatic cooking modes for roasting, grating, steaming, frying healthily or even we can prepare slow cooking, as stews of a lifetime. It works in a very intuitive way and it is very easy to choose each option among all the cooking methods. And as I have already mentioned, the results are surprising, for the better.

I have always been very conventional, because it is a healthy and comfortable way to cook meats, fish and vegetables, but it has the disadvantage that it takes a long time to heat up, and turn it on to cook only a few vegetables or a single serving seems a waste of energy . The alternative of the microwave supposed to lose quality in the result, and more than once the piece of fish has ended up exploding due to overheating.

In short, the LG Smart Inverter microwave oven has quickly earned its place at home. It is true that he is capable of doing everything, and also quickly, easily and comfortably. It can be the perfect device for busy families with little time to cook or for small kitchens where every small gap counts. With the Microwave oven LG Smart Inverter you have a 4-in-1 appliance: oven, microwave, grill and multifunction. Are you sure you need an oven and a microwave, if you can have everything in one device?

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