Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – REVIEW

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard











  • Creepy AF
  • VR Support
  • Great Variety through different characters


  • Boss Battles could be annoying

Much has been talked about the direction of the saga ‘Resident Evil’ in the last decade, summarized in a loss of identity in favor of the action. But Capcom swore and perjured that with ‘Resident Evil 7’, of which is the most probable and the most common moment. That despite the change of perspective, it would be a ‘Resident Evil’ as those of its beginnings. And they weren’t lying.

I had faith, I already said it on occasion. And when there was a month left for its launch, I did not want to know anything so that I would be surprised by the final product. Yes, the Osaka company has accomplished it with flying colors. It has created my new favorite ‘Resident Evil’, something extremely difficult knowing how much it marked me (as to all) the first ‘Resident Evil’, its sequel, or the ‘Code: Veronica’ of Dreamcast.

resident evil game review

Let’s get in situation with this Resident Evil


First of all, you have to put yourself in the background. Although at a chronological level is placed after the ‘Resident Evil 6’, the approach of ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ is very different, far removed from the action without tapujos. Here we will feel fear again, to be anguished to turn the corner to not knowing what awaits us there, and to use our intelligence to solve hard puzzles. Except that here, unlike the first ‘Resident Evil’, is played with an even greater trick.

Cause the impact on the player with completely visceral and unexpected situations. It is an adventure that will mark you completely, similarly (by impact) to the seventh season of ‘The Walking Dead’. Being in first person (the only difference that will displease the purists), Capcom has known how to play the trick of empathy as has rarely been seen so far (and that in our case we have not tested this final version with ‘PlayStation VR ‘), making the most of the Baker family mansion.

Some psychopaths of great care that will know how to put us in tension and with totally different situations for each one of them. It is, in fact, another of its strengths, while leaving winks to the first ‘Resident Evil’ (after all, we repeat, is a ‘Resident Evil’), not only in documents to spin the story about past deliveries (although we remain unknowns), but also in the form of puzzles and / or situations that will be familiar

Resident Evil 7 recovers the essence of the original


It is difficult to describe everything that will come up in ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ without incurring the spoiler, but it is clear that Capcom has listened to the feedback of the users … except in what was commented by the first person view (the ideal for the horror genre and where the potential of Virtual Reality glasses is more exploited if possible). Apart from the cited winks that will splash history (we let you discover them), I have also experienced the same sensations as the first ‘Resident Evil’ in terms of the potential of his mansion.

resident evil 7 game review

And it is that in the last games, saving specific moments of the ‘Revelations’, had opted for a more frenetic pace in which everything was to move forward and not look back. This will not happen. The mansion of the Baker is hard to play and it will take us a long time to discover all its secrets.

And yes, you need to have marksmanship with weapons


If mystery or puzzles predominate, does not mean that we do not have to stockpile weapons. After all, from the beginning of ‘Resident Evil’ there were always weapons. Here we will also have a large arsenal at our disposal, although with much less ammunition in proportion. The biggest difference compared to the first, in any case, is given by the aim. In the beginning the shot was quite automatic, without worrying almost anything about the angle.

Everything changed especially from the ‘Resident Evil 4’ with the step in sight in the third person. And logically that will be very important in ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ to have to calculate better shots to the head (or legs to slow down the enemy by forcing it to fall). The less experienced with the command you can be quiet, as there is an option to help.


resident evil 7 review

But as we have emphasized, here the action does not prevail. Although it is not a game of psychological terror or looking for the easy scare (except very specific moments).


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