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Apex Legends is a free Battle Royale located in the universe of Titanfall where you will control a Legends team that will face players from all over the world to gain fame and fortune.

The Legends

It is impossible not to compare Apex Legends with other games such as Overwatch or Fortnite, because here also seeks to create characters with unique personalities and full of life, but it is the elements of the original product (Titanfall) that makes this game interesting.

Apex invites you to try the different skills, weapons and characters that it offers, and to be the first week of the game, all this feels balanced, so it allows you to create your own type of strategies to beat the opposing teams.

At the moment you can access 6 of the 8 available characters, and you can win the other 2 constantly playing or buying them with real money. This system of micro-transactions is (up to now) merely aesthetic.

Although we do not connect much with “The Legends” yet, there is the potential to bring dynamic and interesting characters in the future, for the moment Overwatch is still leading the first place with its universe of heroes.


Something that left us impressed by AL is the adrenaline of the game, since from the faithful sound of the weapons, the dizzying action to the option of using unique skills, make the game something you want to play with your friends to create the best team of all.

The double jumps and the running through the walls have been eliminated for good, because this creates a much balanced system when playing online. Your victories will make you creditor of lootboxes with different materials or rewards for the game.

Something interesting is also the option to “reanimate” your fallen comrades, because you can rescue your teammates and they will return without weapons or anything, making their return something more fair for the competition … besides the Titanfall 2 executions are back, so you can humiliate your enemies more comfortable.

The armament on the map

This may be the closest thing to Fortnite you’ll find in the game. The weapons and equipment are classified by colors, in the pure style of Fortnite. You will find normal items, which will be highlighted in a gray color, other items will be “media” highlighted in a blue color, which means they heal / protect more or do more damage. Finally, there are the items that we will call “high”, these will be highlighted in purple. Even with all this, it should be noted that unlike other Battle Royale, where if your team is not equal or superior to the other players, you are doomed to die irremediably. In Apex Legends, even normal weapons can give good battle to equipment and “high” weapons, because with good coverage, teamwork and always faithful aim you can defend yourself from someone better equipped than you.

Now let’s talk a little about the graphic section. The game in its setting, designs and graphics is a real treat for the eyes. We could even say that the game belongs to the Titanfall universe. We have no proof, but we have no doubts either!
It is a pity that the map does not have vehicles, although really because of the way it is designed, a vehicle would have many problems to move. The good thing is that the size of the map is neither huge nor small as a shoe box, so if we are outside the circle, we will have many chances to arrive still alive if we hurry to get there.

By now, you have read many times about heroes and their abilities, so you are probably thinking “very nice everything, but WHERE ARE THE HEROES?”. Well, here you have them, let’s talk a little about them. We have a total of 8 heroes, of which 2 of them must be unlocked as we play.

Next, we present the 8 heroes of this Battle Royale:

Bloddhound: We could not define this hero as a kind of Healer or DPS, maybe he would be the closest thing to a supporting character, since his role is similar to that of a hunter. Their skills are the following:
Tracker (Passive): Enemies leave clues for you to find.
Omniscient Eye (Tactic): Briefly reveal enemies, traps and clues through all the structures in front of you.
Beast Hunter (Ultimate): You become a super jacker. It allows you to detect very recent traces and move more quickly.

Gibraltar: He is our tank, the big guy of the group and his only reason for being in life is to cover us and make us feel safe and comfortable. Their skills are:

Weapon Shield (Passive): When aiming with the aim, a weapon shield unfolds that blocks the projectiles that shoot you.
Protection Dome (Tactical): Creates a dome shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.
Defensive Bombing (Ultimate): Request a concentrated mortar attack in a position marked with smoke.

Lifeline: Is the healer par excellence and we see that reflected in their abilities.
Combat Medicine (Passive): Resuscitate more quickly while protecting a wall that acts as a shield. Cures act 25% faster.
Dron doctor DOC (Tactic): The drone operator of duration (DOC) automatically and progressively cures nearby allies.
Survival Pack (Ultimate): Requests the delivery of a capsule filled with high quality defensive equipment.

Pathfinder: is a friendly robot that will make us feel like Titanfall and is an excellent ally when reaching difficult places, or even wanting to escape danger. Their skills are the following:
Internal Knowledge (Passive): Scans a recognition beacon to reveal the location of the next ring.
Hook (Tactical): use the grapple to quickly reach places out of your reach.
Zip Line Launch (Ultimate): Deploy a zip line that can be used by everyone.

Wraith: Are you someone who constantly hears voices that announce you of dangers? Well, maybe you should consider going to a professional. But if you only hear them while playing Apex Legends, then everything is in order. Here are your skills.
Voices of Emptiness (Passive): You hear a voice when a danger approaches. As it seems, this is on your side.
In a vacuum (Tactic): You quickly re-position yourself in vacuum safety to avoid any damage.
Dimensional Gap (Ultimate): connects 2 locations with portals for 60 seconds.

Bagalore: We can consider Bangalore as a DPS and have the following skills.
Light Passage (Passive): If you receive shots while running, you will move faster for a short period of time.
Smoke Launch (Tactical): Launches a high-speed smoke grenade that explodes creating a smoke screen on impact.
Thunder rumble (Ultimate): Request an artillery attack progressively advancing through the battlefield.

Caustic: This is one of the heroes to unlock and has the following abilities.
Vision Nox (Passive): You have a threat viewer to detect enemies in areas affected by Gas Nox.
Nox Gas Traps (Tactics): Place up to 7 vessels that release Nox lethal gas when they are fired or activated by an enemy.
Nox Gas Grenade (Ultimate): Covers a large area with Nox gas.

Mirage: This other friend will also have to unlock it, but still here you have the skills of this good man.
More! (Passive): Automatically deploy a decoy and camouflage for 5 seconds when you are knocked down.
Disarm (Tactical): Display a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
Disappear (Ultimate): While camouflaging. Mirage deploys a set of decoys that distract enemies.

Final Words

It is still too early to know how far Apex Legends will go, but the response and immediate success of the game augur a great future for the game. Hopefully EA and Respawn will keep this faithful base of followers with new content, tournaments and events coming soon.

We highly recommend that you try Apex Legends, especially if you have a group of friends with whom you can coordinate to enjoy the experience better … And even though we have not said the best, there is a great possibility that Apex Legends is a cross-country game. play, which would create a more aggressive competition between platforms.

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