FarCry New Dam – REVIEW











  • Visually attractive, but with little substance
  • Expeditions are action-packed missions that show new locations
  • Special skills make mobility great and fluid in the last hours of the game
  • Maintains a constant frame rate per second even in the moments with the most action


  • Open world with few interesting things
  • Bugs that make you repeat missions
  • Weapons are visually interesting, but their function is boring
  • The design of the main missions feels outdated
  • Post-apocalyptic theme feels generic

With less than a year to go before the Joseph Seed cult, Ubisoft brings us back to Hope County with Far Cry New Dawn, a kind of individual expansion that serves as a sequel to Far Cry 5. This new story takes place after the nuclear final of the last delivery, so it explores a civilization that begins to rebuild after spending years in underground bunkers.

That Ubisoft takes the bases seated by the main deliveries of Far Cry to create experiences of this type is nothing new. After all, in 2013 he surprised the world with Blood Dragon, a retro-futuristic expansion of Far Cry 3, while in 2016 he did something similar by taking us to prehistory with Far Cry Primal.

So, when Far Cry New Dawn was confirmed at The Game Awards 2018, huge expectations were generated. Not only once again we were faced with another delivery that promised to feel fresh with a new setting, but it was a direct continuation of the events of Far Cry 5, something new for the open world series.

Now that New Dawn is in the market we had the opportunity to try it and from the outset we can say that it was very far from what we expected for a production of this type. To know everything you do well, as well as what your mistakes are, we prepare a review.


As I mentioned, the story of Far Cry New Dawn takes place after the end of Far Cry 5 in which there is a nuclear explosion. In this way it is set in the same world, only now it is living the ravages of an event of these dimensions, so you will witness a civilization that seeks to return to normal, but which is difficult for groups of robbers who want may the chaos remain. These enemies are commanded by twins-Lou and Mickey-who are obsessed with power and all the advantages it gives them.

In this world you will play the role of a silent protagonist who, after a tragic train accident, must escape from the robbers, who are willing to plunder everything and leave no witnesses. When everything seemed lost, the hero finds a new light when his path meets Carmina Rye, who takes him to a town in Hope County where not only can he continue to live, but he also finds the opportunity to be a hero to help forge a peaceful future for the new world.

In this section, Far Cry New Dawn has several problems. The main one is that he does not know what kind of story he wants to tell. Post-apocalyptic-themed games often fall into one of 2 categories. The first are those who take advantage of the context to tell heartbreaking stories and explore some of the darkest and deepest feelings of humanity. Others, on the other hand, take themselves far less seriously and simply explore an action fantasy with a touch of Mad Max. Both approaches are valid and can deliver great experiences. New Dawn does not commit to any of these approaches. On the one hand, it pretends to be a serious game with something to say about civilization, but it does not succeed even remotely. On the other, he wants to be cool and fun, but he limits you in so many ways that the dive breaks down completely.

Also, Lou and Mickey do not work like villains, which is a shame considering the pedigree of the series. While previous installments featured antagonists that you loved to hate for being psychopathic charismatics, the twins are characterized by a gray personality. In history you find them on several occasions and none of them caused me some kind of sensation. I am sure that in a few years I will barely remember them. Now, it is not as if they were the only bad characters in Far Cry New Dawn, since a handful of the individuals you find in him are as flat.

Although the story may turn out to be interesting for those most stuck in Far Cry 5, I think many of them will be disappointed by their poor pace. In many missions it feels as if nothing is progressing and there are even moments that are left over. As if that were not enough, the climax is ruined with one of the worst battles against bosses I’ve played.


New Dawn is a continuation of Far Cry 5 and comes less than a year after its release. As such, it is understood that, in general, they are equal games in many ways. We are facing another open world shooter in which you must explore; complete missions; release outposts and drive different types of vehicles. The mechanics of combat and driving are practically the same. That said, there are also some new features and minor changes to the formula.

Let’s start with the features that Ubisoft describes as “light RPG elements”. Basically, it is a system that presents enemies of different levels of power. The stronger your opponent is, the more powerful the weapon with which you try to defeat him. In this way, you must explore the world in search of resources that allow you to create the strongest weapons and thus never be at a disadvantage.

Speaking of weapons, they turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments of the game. On the one hand, their designs are great and they really capture the post-apocalyptic theme proposed by New Dawn. Unfortunately, that is limited to your appearance and, except for one, they all work like the weapons you would find in any other FPS. I understand that it is necessary to have traditional-style pistols, but I was left wanting the designers to give free rein to their creativity to create some that were a little crazy.

Here I take the opportunity to mention that the microtransactions are back in Far Cry New Dawn. This time they allow you to use real money to obtain a virtual currency with which you can buy weapons. Fortunately, there are ways to get all the content playing, so your presence can be ignored.

Another important change is that, after conquering an outpost, you have the opportunity to free it to obtain more rewards. If you do it, the robbers will invade again, but now with higher level soldiers and you will have the opportunity to recover it. In this way, you can conquer each of these sites up to 3 times, instead of one. It works as a simple way to extend the game, but unfortunately the changes between levels of difficulty are minimal, so it feels repetitive.
The last significant novelty is found in the Expeditions. These are missions that take you away from Hope County to complete objectives at places like the Alcatraz Prison. It is an addition that is appreciated since it is fun to move away from the main map to reach scenarios with a higher level of complexity. The negative detail is that in all the objective is the same – find a package and escape with it – which is a pity as they gave for much more.

Far Cry New Dawn presents an insufficient amount of creativity to sustain his fragile gaming experience. Although Far Cry 5 went through something similar, the reality is that the graphic jump, it’s interesting history and new mechanics managed to present a perfect product. Instead, on this occasion there are many moments in which we can see how deteriorated the formula is and even feel like a game of the beginning of the generation with a new coat of paint.

One of the main responsible for this is the design of missions that at this point feels outdated. Wow, I do not ask that an expansion be the revolutionary open world we are waiting for; nevertheless, he commits sins that at this point should be non-existent. For example, there are several with a very closed structure in which you will be forced to restart if you move away from your vehicle or target. There is another in which you must follow a character that moves really slow. Also, on more than a couple of occasions there were bugs that did not allow me to complete a specific mission. As you can see, it’s nothing special, but it’s about errors that the genre should have overcome long ago.

With all the above said, it is time to mention that the Arcade mode of Far Cry 5 is absent from New Dawn and as a result it feels like a shorter product and shorter longevity. This also means that the only multiplayer option is your online cooperative.


Like its predecessors, Far Cry New Dawn is an open world game, so one of its most important elements is the map and the sensations it gives us. This sequel takes us back to Hope County, only this time the area we can travel is smaller than before. This is justified with the idea that many parts of the world were uninhabitable due to the nuclear explosion, so to approach them is a death sentence. That the map is smaller is a bitter drink, but it is understood that they have taken this measure to prevent it from being large and empty.

On top of that, the main difference that those who played Far Cry 5 will notice is that Hope County looks significantly different. This since it is now covered with vegetation and mutant fauna that emerged during all those years in which humanity remained hidden in bunkers.


Thanks to its smaller size, the map of Far Cry New Dawn is saved from being tedious. What I mean is that it takes a short time to get from one point to another, so the exploration will not be something that will take hours. The disappointment comes when you realize that it is a sterile map and offers few emotions. Although Ubisoft prepared enemies that move on the map and other situations-for example, there are trucks that you can steal, in addition to falling sky supplies and if you want to get them you will have to fight for them-they never managed to convince me to be in a world alive. As much as he tried to sell me the idea that I was in a dangerous place, I never felt that way. The Sailors were never a significant threat and at no time treated me as if it were the great rival that intruded between them and their dreams of total destruction.

So, although the world of Far Cry New Dawn is a good size and visually appealing, it is dysfunctional with the kind of game it wants to be. I mean it has a lot of potential to be an intense experience that makes you feel like your head has a price and a lot of enemies are looking to hunt you down. Instead, it only feels like an adventure in which you are another type in a desolate universe. It is a huge problem that the world fails to combine its systems to deliver a sense of effective immersion.

It should be mentioned that, once you unlock some vehicles and get certain skills, mobility becomes much more fun. In fact, there are times when you feel like a true superhero moving through Hope County. The problem is that you have to arrive almost at the end of the game to have access to them.


Visually, Far Cry New Dawn is an awesome game. Yes, it has the same graphics with which Far Cry 5 had already left us dazzled, but it makes it look much better thanks to the fact that the post-apocalyptic world full of vegetation has much more life and color. In fact, there comes a time when old Montana seemed unattractive to me.

In the technical section, Far Cry New Dawn runs at a rate of 30 frames per second that remains constant, even in the moments with more action. In terms of resolution, it is seen at 1080p when played on the regular model of PlayStation 4. In other words: it is a game that meets what is expected from any release of a high-budget franchise.

The bad news is that here there are also negative sections. The one I want to focus on is a kind of bugs that causes the screen to turn black at times and the only visible thing is the firing grid. Although it did not happen on so many occasions, it was a recurring enough error to make it worth mentioning.

For its part, the soundtrack of Far Cry New Dawn bets for being environmental. In this way, they are mostly themes that seek to reflect the desolation that is experienced in this world with minor tones and touches of industrial music. It is not a soundtrack protagonist and accompanies correctly when necessary.


In the end, Far Cry New Dawn is a disappointing continuation of Far Cry 5. Ubisoft lost the opportunity to make a creative proposal again and the result is predictable, sterile and inferior in several ways to its direct predecessor. The few things that you try to build on the basis feel very simple and not as part of a standalone delivery.

While Blood Dragon and Primal were attempts to take risks and exploit the creativity of developers, New Dawn only exploits as much as it can all the resources that were spent in Far Cry 5. Its proposal is safe, simple and with a theme that is feel generic. Did Ubisoft really think we needed another post-apocalyptic shooter that has nothing to say?

While it is far from being the worst game on the market, it is sad to see that it falls short of reaching its full potential. I feel that it was time for Far Cry to take some kind of rest to surprise again. This measure already went well to Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed, so I see no reason why they should not try with this franchise.

If you are an inveterate fan of Far Cry and the series never tires you, it is possible that New Dawn will make you have a good time, but nothing more. In fact, I feel that it has the potential to leave a bad taste in the mouth to many who expected something of the size of previous adventures.

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