Haier U55H7000 Smart TV – REVIEW

Haier U55H7000 Smart TV - REVIEW




Image Quality




Software and Interface



  • Price
  • Wi Fi connection and BlueTooth headphones
  • YouTube and Netflix access from remote control


  • Image quality and viewing angles
  • Fair sound
  • Smart TV platform

Haier wants users to begin to know their Company as more than just an appliance brand. That is why it puts on the market a television with attractive features at a price that, with offers, becomes very interesting. That model is the Haier U55H7000, 55 “screen with 4K resolution and two buttons to quickly access two of the services most demanded by the user: Netflix and YouTube.

Worth? It’s a good option? We have analyzed Haier’s proposal to see to what extent it competes with traditional manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Phillips, Samsung and LG. Especially with these last two that, for years, are the ones with the most market share and the most aggressive ones have been with this price battle, at least in their ranges of entry.

Accustomed to try high-end TVs, such as Samsung’s QLED range, LG’s OLED or Sony’s latest offerings such as the spectacular A1 or XE9305; The feeling you get when analyzing a product like this is similar to when you go from a high-end smartphone to a mid-range smartphone. Notice the clear differences but you wonder to what extent it is worth the investment in a superior model.

With televisions is similar, we all like the best of the best but then most of us end up acquiring intermediate range models. So, it’s good to know what it offers in each of the key sections.

In the case of Haier TV, always with the retail PVP in the head, by characteristics is not bad. On paper we have a 55 “panel with 4K resolution, DTS TrueSurround sound, Dolby Digital and a suitable number of connections. Not forgetting the option to connect to the internet via ethernet or wifi as well as bluetooth connectivity. But let’s start point by point.

The 4K resolution is not everything in a panel

Along with a diagonal of 55 “, size more than considerable and valid to enjoy series and films as well as other types of content, comfortable for most homes today, the main attraction of this Haier TV is its resolution 4K

With a panel with DLED backlight (Direct LED) the overall performance is not bad if we consider its price. Yes, I could repeat this throughout the analysis, but it is that the price is an important factor to assess this product in its proper measure.

At the resolution level, there are no problems. The image has a good level of sharpness and with native content it is very enjoyable. But what about the rest of aspects such as the representation of color, brightness, contrast or viewing angles?

With different image modes (Cinema, Games, Sports, Dynamic and Natural) we have liked the Cinema and Dynamics mode. Still, neither do wonders or achieve a color representation at the height of other proposals. Especially with the content that we receive through the antenna signal. We are aware of the lack of emissions via TDT but here the processing of the device does not help to alleviate a bit the quality of the input signal.

When viewing content through services such as Netflix or YouTube among others, whether using its own Smart TV platform or through a set top box or other source connected by HDMI, the experience improves. Still, quality is what it is. The representation of color is fair, lack of vividness to them. Something that can be appreciated especially with the reds. After playing with the adjustments we do not get to get a red that convinces us at all and tend to give the feeling of tending towards the orange.

The brightness is not one of its strengths either, but it is the least of the problems. Unless we are in a very bright environment the truth is that the screen will look good. Another thing is the contrast. Here we could think that Direct LED lighting would be better option than Edge LED but it is not like that. At least not with this screen.

When there are images with areas of high contrast or very dark we appreciate some clouding. This bothers us less, because even in higher cost screens it also happens. But it is important that you know.

However, the main problem we find is the angles of vision. The moment we move to one side or another, the colors are “off”, to the point of tending to grayish tones. The normal thing is to see the TV sitting perpendicular to it but the change attracts a lot of attention.


Seen all this we reaffirm ourselves, the resolution 4K is not everything in a panel. It does not matter if you have such a large number of pixels if the experience of the other aspects does not accompany it. The image quality in this Haier proposal is acceptable but do not expect to reach what other technologies offer or simply higher priced TVs. Therefore, the cost of the product is again key and if we have it in mind the quality of the screen is good.

The best of the section of sound: connection of headset and Bluetooth

The sound of the Haier U55H7000 TV is not going to make you fall in love. The volume is high but the clarity in the dialogues and the body in the reproduction of serious tones leave much to be desired. To listen to any news, sporting event or similar you will have a pass but to enjoy movies, series or other internet content better complement with an external team.

The good news is that thanks to the 3.5mm audio output we can connect from speakers to headphones. And not only that, having independent control for the volume is something I’ve always liked but that few TVs include. Here we can do it, so well in that sense by Haier.

The other success in the sound section is in the bluetooth connection. We are not convinced that to get to the menu, which is called Link Audio and not Bluetooth or pairing Bluetooth devices (names that would have facilitated more its location) will have to navigate through several menus and that slows down the use. But hey, being able to connect bluetooth speakers or headphones gives us freedom and improves the experience.

Only a single point with the bluetooth connection, sometimes the audio playback suffers minor delays with respect to the image. It has happened to us with different headphones that in other devices have not given us problems. And not always, so there is something. Anyway, they are minimal delays and it will be more a matter of each one to assess how much they might or might not bother.

By the way, the sound has different equalization modes but the two 10W speakers of the TV offer a good fair quality. For those who have not achieved any adjustment that significantly improved the experience. So here more than with any other TV tested so far, an external sound equipment seems like a must.

Final Words

The image quality is good, it is not at the level of proposals whose PVP without promotions or offers is at 700 and 800 dollars, but for those 500 have a panel of such resolution, size and that positive point that gives access Direct services such as Youtube and Netflix may be more than enough arguments for many.

So, in short, if you do not want or cannot invest more Haier’s solution is right. But be clear that the quality of a LED panel of more category and of course an OLED must be paid.

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